Alliance delivers their alternative budget

Earlier this week we released our budget.  I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now because it means that we can now tell you where we get the money from and how it will be spent. Follow this link to see it in detail.

We’re the only party suggesting that it is possible to not only remove GST but actually increase our social spending by replacing it with another, fairer system, FTT. I personally would rather pay 2 cents out of every $100 in tax that the current $12.50 paid through GST. That just makes sense to me. it leaves money in my pocket. Isn’t it better to leave more money in the poket of those who have a low income so they can afford to pay the rent, the power bill, the grocery bill?

People on low incomes tend to spend their money on domestic products like food as they can’t afford to pop off overseas or import expensive items. So I figure that logically, if you leave more money in their hands, its better for our economy and better for them too.

What do you think?


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