The time has come for unions that are affiliated to any political party to question their apparent blind loyalty. As far as I can see, it makes no sense to continue to support a political party that works against the ideals of unionism. Most unions that do have affiliations are affiliated to the Labour Party. It makes no sense to continue to support them given their tendancey to sign free trade agreements. Free trade agreements do nothing but open up our markets, threatening the job security of those of us here. Also Labour had to be argued into raising the minimum wage UP to a pitiful $12.50 and hour which, after tax, is even more pitiful.

I wonder if anyone remembers that they also had to be argued into accepting that both paid parental leave and kiwibank were good ideas. Without their coalotion partner of the day (one Alliance Party of New Zealand) fighting to make these things a reality, they would never have seen the light of day. Labour would have been happy for them both to remain dreams of the people.

So I ask all unions with affiliations to immediately review and justify this blind loyalty to a party that has done little to help the working class. The argument that they are better than National continues to lose water faster than a broken sieve. Both major parties are in favour of user pays and free trade, policies that continue to undermine the ability of the working class to make ends meet.


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